Case Study


Hazeldown Primary School in Teignmouth


  • Extremely capable and well informed LLE with an ability to recognise key issues and identify an effective path for development
  • The key benefit of working with the LLE came from their direct and current experience – the ability to answer all the questions that arise, show examples of systems or practice in action in their own school and back up their direction with concrete experience. Full and frank discussions could be had, concepts and ideas explored and they always had the understanding and experience to back up what was being said. I believe this is the key strength behind the school to school support model as opposed to an ‘advisory service’ model of working
  • The biggest impact has been in re-building the confidence of the HT following involvement with other forms of support. This enabled all the outcomes to be achieved and has supported transformation of the school
  • I am very grateful for having had the opportunity to be involved in this support package