Talking Leadership
Course Date: 
5 October, 2017
Future Dates: 
23 November, 2017 18 January, 2018 8 March, 2018 3 May, 2018 21 June, 2018
Course Times: 
8:00 - 10:00
West Exe School
FREE Open Invite for Exeter Consortium Member Schools

‘Learning with, for and on behalf of others’.

Opportunity to network, debate and learn with senior leaders from primary and secondary.

Start on developing your leadership thinking by setting aside this 8am-10am slot once a half term. The group is open to anyone who has a leadership responsibility from primary and secondary schools.

Formerly Leadership Journal Group, Talking Leadership has an updated format which allows for more reading time during the session, giving greater opportunity for discussion and reading based activities that allow everyone to access current leadership theory if they feel they don’t have much time to give to it.

There will be thought provoking discussions and contributions with people giving views relating to their own experiences. As well as new ideas for ways to share research with the wider staff team.

Leading learning means leading by example. Come to Talking Leadership and find ways to connect, deepen and challenge your thinking.

This is an open invitation for Exeter Consortium member schools.

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