Quotes from trainees

"Right from the beginning, I was really impressed by the service that the Exeter Consortium provides for trainees. They took into account my needs when considering my placement schools, which meant they were easily accessible without a car, and were on hand at every step with support and advice. Knowing that I could contact their staff - who have practical classroom experience and knowledge of the course, and really cared about my progress - made it so much easier to achieve QTS status. I believe that this is what sets the Exeter Consortium training route apart from others.   

The team really go the extra mile to help trainees, from providing laptops for us to offering mock interviews for jobs, and this has enabled me to achieve Outstanding as my final grade and to gain a permanent job in a local school. I would certainly recommend this route for anyone interested in training to become a teacher." 2015/2016 primary cohort

"The course so far has been fantastic. There is so much support and advice available from your PST, Mentor and university tutors. The balance of being in school getting hands-on experience and being at university is perfect. The difference in my own confidence, from the start of the course until now is incredible. I would highly recommend this route into teaching as it enables you to build professional relationships and experience in the classroom from the outset." 2015/2016 primary cohort

"The Consortium's School Direct programme has given me the opportunity to train in local Primary schools alongside experienced professionals from the outset. The key advantage was being able to meet my class and begin to build those important relationships right at the start of the academic year. The first two week placement in school helped cement those relationships with both children and teaching staff, and provided an excellent foundation going forward into the next phase of my teaching practice. I have found the additional professional development training sessions to be hugely beneficial. They are an ideal opportunity not only to learn from and network with teaching professionals, but also to meet with other trainees and share experiences. Staff at The Consortium are encouraging and knowledgeable, and are always available to offer advice and support." 2015/2016 primary cohort

"We are fortunate enough to have someone who is extremely wise and inspiring to lead our Schools Direct group. The support and advice from my university tutor and my class teacher has been invaluable. Being in schools from day one allowed us to build up a rapport with the pupils and staff which proved very helpful." 2015/2016 primary cohort

"The process of searching for PGCE/SCITT Providers was appearing really daunting but when I came across PGCE SD@Exeter I felt it really had something to offer that was different from all the rest. It fuses the School Direct aspect of working in a school with the PGCE academic side. This is the balance that I was looking for and so far I’m really enjoying my experience. One of the best attributes of the course is the fact that you have a ‘home school’ meaning that from day one you are integrated into a school and not out on a limb. It means that you learn so much more about setting up a classroom ready for the beginning of the year and then following that through to the end. I also love that we are given the opportunity to place the academic learning alongside direct experience more often. I feel that by the end of the course I will not just be more prepared for the NQT year but that I will also be better equipped for it. It’s really exciting to be a part of something innovative and I’m really pleased to be a member of the first cohort, I definitely made the right choice!” 2014/2015 primary cohort

"The PGCE School Direct course is an absolutely fantastic route which I would highly recommend to anyone looking to pursue a career in primary education." 2015/2016 primary cohort

"Fantastic support given throughout the course from a range of experienced professionals." 2015/2016 primary cohort

"Brilliant career links and networking across all of the Consortium schools." 2015/2016 primary cohort

"High expectations leading to high achievements and employability at the end of the course." 2015/2016 primary cohort

"A perfect balance between the taught course and the practical 'hands-on' experience required to become an outstanding teacher." 2015/2016 primary cohort

"The Consortium have been fantastic at providing extra sessions to support and grow the cohort professionally. The extra support they provide is unparalleled to anything else, they really go above and beyond to establish us early on as professionals. Before we even started in our home school it has always felt like we are the Consortium's number one priority which instills a humbling sense of confidence in yourself and your cohort. Not only do Exeter Consortium provide the invaluable extra support, the social support from the cohort is amazing; we have all rallied together to guide each other through placements and the university course. The opportunities to meet working professionals from around the county working in a variety of schools is an opportunity that not many trainee teachers are given. Having moved cities, choosing the School Direct route has to be one of the best decisions I have ever made because of these reasons." 2015/2016 primary cohort


Quotes from teachers

"This is the best group of ITT students we have ever had, both in terms of the relationships they have built with the school and the quality of the trainees."


A quote from an applicant who attended for interview recently

"I just wanted to send you a line to thank you and your team for such a pleasant interview experience!... you were so welcoming and supportive at Exeter Consortium. The interview experience really helped to solidify my confidence and desire to become a teacher."



"Just a quick note to say thank you to you and your colleagues for the open evening on Tuesday. It struck a nice balance between informality and informative. I would feel very happy to contact the team for further help and information."