T&L Symposium

Teaching and Learning Symposium

Over the past year the Symposiums have grown in popularity and we are delighted that a format for a new series in 2017/18 has now been developed - three termly meetings with a range of workshops.

The concept of the Symposium is for staff to attend, listen and learn from one another with the commitment of bringing something new to share and having the opportunity to take something new away. It is in this way that we can create ‘tomorrow’s idea’s’ together.

The Symposiums are cross phase and wholly inclusive. A choice of workshops will be presented by colleagues for colleagues of both primary and secondary phase, supporting a range of learning conversations and dialogues so that we may add impact back in our schools.

For 2017/18, at each Symposium there will be a total of eight workshops, each running for a strict 15 minute period of time. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with three of these presentations. The content of each Symposium will ‘emerge’ depending upon what the schools are proud enough to present as a way of sharing good practice and what works well. Regular input from both the Primary and Secondary phases will ensure that there is something for everyone.

The details regarding the planned workshops will be sent to all member schools two weeks ahead of the Symposium in order that staff can consider which presentations they would like to attend.

If a school wishes to take one of the slots over the three planned Symposiums and present three workshops of their choice we ask that they contact ned@exeterconsortium.com to discuss further.

We would like to encourage schools to take part both as attendees and presenters in the spirit of collaboration and partnership. It will only be the willingness and generosity of this spirit that will ensure our networks grow strong and add value.

The Symposiums will take place on the following dates from 4.00pm to 5.00pm at St James School. The programme for each will be sent out at least 2 weeks before each Symposium:

  • Wednesday 11th October 2017
  • Wednesday 24th January 2018
  • Wednesday 9th May 2018

 This is an open invitation to all staff from member schools! Please note the Symposiums are free of charge and we would be grateful for schools to inform us of numbers attending in advance of the sessions. Please email - info@exeterconsortium.com

If you wish to present your own workshop please email your idea/title and description to ned@exeterconsortium.com, along with which date you would like to attend.