The Devon Schools’ Alliance (DSA)

Devon’s Teaching Schools and the NLEs, who are currently not formally part of a Teaching School Alliance, have come together in partnership with Babcock to create the DSA. This group of 11 Alliances and Babcock LDP creates a wealth of capacity to support schools to improve themselves. If you approach one Teaching School and they do not have what you need, we work together to source the appropriate support for you.

In the Self Improving School Led System described in the latest White Paper, we all have a part to play in improving the outcomes for children, in every school in the country. Through actively engaging with one of the Teaching Schools in Devon, you will be playing your part in developing outcomes for everyone. 

If you have a teacher with a well developed skill set or you are a Headteacher who has developed great systems, supported colleagues and embraces collaborative learning, why not consider finding out more about becoming a system leader. Make contact with your local Teaching School today and be part of the future!

There are two ways you can access the support that Teaching Schools and the DSA can provide:

1. Babcock LDP can commission teaching schools to provide direct support to you, this may include them paying for nationally recognised courses we provide or through paying for a LLE or NLE to coach and mentor leaders;

2. You approach a Teaching School and ask for support on a particular area of development. This can be anything from booking your staff onto a course that is being run, requesting an SLE to directly coach one of your team in an area of their specialism or that you want a more bespoke package from a colleague Headteacher who is an LLE or and NLE. There are two ways that this can be funded:

    a. You pay for this work directly from your own school budget;

    b. Together, the Teaching School and you can seek funding for the work. Teaching Schools and NLE’s have access to money to support you to improve your school, in partnership. To access this money we need to be approached; through discussions, we can work with you to identify opportunities, outcomes and submit strong bids to access funds. This funding can provide courses or coaching and mentoring to support you improve your own school. The DfE have significant evidence, which shows this way of working provides significant improvement. The available funding is set to rise over the next few years. 

The Teaching Schools Council

The Teaching Schools Council represents all Teaching Schools in the country. It works with system leaders to promote an inclusive school-led system, as well as leading the designation of new teaching schools. It is a peer-elected group of headteachers and is made up of national and regional representatives. For more information about their vision and work, visit

To request support from the Exeter Teaching School Alliance please complete and submit the form opposite.